South Asian artists get their limelight on Twitter

The hashtag #SouthAsianArtists has introduced us to some very talented names

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: The hashtag #SouthAsianArtists took Twitter by storm on Sunday where artists began posting images of either their own artwork/portfolios or of their relatives and friends. This was an attempt by artists to recognize other artists as well as showcase their work to the world.

In appreciation for all the brilliant portfolios that we saw online following this hashtag, we have short listed five artists we believe you should know of! We must warn you, this was hard to do so we’d recommend you to check out the hashtag for yourself.

1. @javi_draws

Javi, 24, is a Pakistani illustrator whose work is beautifully meticulous because of the details that stand out in each frame. Her drawings typically show a subject standing in a space surrounded by small items that are both intriguing and have the viewer engaged in the image for a good amount of time.

2. @pyroshi_art

We love Maheen’s illustrations that are based on “badass women” whom she states, inspire her art. Each sketch and illustration depicts her pro-female characters to give off a sense of mystery and empowering beauty via the diverse characteristics. Her characters seem to exude confidence and a goddess-like persona that we are all here for.

3. @UmairNajeebKhan

Umair’s concept behind his illustrations is beautiful. He is currently working on a comic book of Pakistani superheroes that display the overwhelming charm of the diverse ethnicity and cultures that our country holds. His drawings hold no judgement or preferences over what is to be considered beautiful and moreover aids the audience to restructure their views that every Pakistani is in his/her own way to be appreciated immensely. Great talent comes with great thinking!

4. @NotDigink

This artist’s work has a great following on Instagram because of the combination of wit and relevance that each illustration embodies. The art can often remind us of some of the most well-designed memes that you’ll come across on social media, and therefore have the audience both laughing and involved, anticipating the next upload. Some of the illustrations are so cool they would be perfect to have as screensavers, phone covers, or if you’re as obsessed as us, framed for the wall in your room.

5. @sassysamosa

Who said embroidery is dead? Rimsha is one of the few emerging artists who are bringing thread work to the mainstream in the most well-deserving way. Her artwork is colourful and due to it being manifested through the embroidery hoop, it stands out from the typical canvas style art that is pursued by most artists of this age. The artist suggests that her art focuses on exploring her identity.

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