The most important tweets about India’s decision to revoke special status for Kashmir

New Delhi scraps Article 370 in effort to remove autonomy that was granted to the Muslim-majority region

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: The Indian government announced its decision to repeal the special status revoke that allowed a portion of autonomy to occupied Kashmir, which is a Muslim-majority region.

The decision to revoke the seven-decade old Article 370 means that Indians from outside the region will have the right to buy property and move there permanently. Many fear that this will lead to a transformation of the demographics of the majority-Muslim region.

The Pakistani government has expressed its opposition to this decision, with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood expressing his concerns over the issue by saying that there is an active threat of ethnic cleansing and genocide in occupied Kashmir, after India has revoked Article 370.

The decision was followed by the government shutting of network and cellular activity in the region which has lead Kashmiris living outside of the region to narrate their views/observations of the current living situation under occupation in Kashmir, on Twitter. The hashtags: #KashmirBleeds, #StandwithKashmir, #KashmirStory are becoming viral with users demanding a recognition of the right to self-determination and urge the fair protection for the people of Kashmir. Social media users are changing their profile pictures to red for #KashmirBleeds in solidarity with them.




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