Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark’s ‘uncle please sit’ will forever be our favourite quote

We've listed all the occasions we'll be using these three words

The final episode ever of Game of Thrones aired yesterday and if you haven’t watched it yet, you better get on it.

The show has provided us with some priceless moments and quotes but there’s one that stood out in the season finale.

We won’t give away too much but in a scene that shows a meeting between the leaders of Westeros, Sansa delivered the best clap back to her uncle Edmure Tully.

Tully stood up to deliver a braggadocios speech before Sana cut him short with three sweet words: “uncle, please sit.”

A meme-worthy moment of course; one we’ll be using at all these occasions:

1. When an uncle makes a sexist comment at the next family gathering.

“Uncle please sit”

2. When your male boss/colleague interrupts you in the next meeting.

“Uncle please sit”

3. The next time someone says, “bUt Is tHeRe A mEnS dAy?”

“Uncle please sit”

4.When Ali Zafar thinks a case being dismissed on a technicality is proof of his innocence

“Uncle please sit”

5.Whenever Hamza Ali Abbasi tweets

“Uncle please sit”

6.The next time Faisal Vawda decides to show up at a crime scene with guns

“Uncle please sit”

Here are some memes on our new favourite quote:

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