How to not spoil the Game of Thrones finale

No spoilers, so don’t worry

KARACHI: Believe it or not, it is actually possible for you not to ruin all eight seasons of Game of Thrones for those who have not been able to watch the last episode ever yet.

It really does not take a lot. Here are a few ways you can stop yourself from spoiling the finale for others:

1. Be a good person

Show us that you are decent. If you are a thoughtful, considerate and kind person, please do not ruin the show with your post show analysis that no one asked for. Or just straight up blurting spoilers makes you a horrible person; you’re a Euron Greyjoy. Congrats.

2. Do not share your feelings about it

Saying “oh my god, I cannot believe it ended like that. I cried for 4 hours.” Or “Wtf that was so boring I was expecting it to go out with a bang. What a disappointment” IS STILL A SPOILER. KEEP YOUR FEELINGS TO YOURSELF, thank you.

3. Do not even be subtle

You may think you are being subtle but you are not. Tweeting with some vague meme or emojis of fire and dragons is a huge no-no. We are not dumb you know, we can put two and two together.

4. Believe in Karma

You may think it is harmless to ruin shows/movies for someone. Lekin aap ka bhi waqt aye ga. Do not do this to yourself.

5. No predictions

Let’s say you haven’t watched it either. Do. not. tell. us. your. predictions. We do not care to know and who do you think you are anyway? Bran?

And if you really really do want to talk about the show, try doing it in a close space, maybe with your friends in a group chat AFTER making sure that everyone is on board with the idea. Or just make notes in your phone or diary and hold your horses until after the show has been out for a few weeks. After all, your excitement probably won’t change over the course of a few days.

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