Annoying habits all desi Game of Thrones fans possess

Spoilers, free loading, needless referencing has us rolling our eyes cersei style

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The first episode of the final season of the immensely popular Game of Thrones was released on April 14.

Earlier this month, HBO released a video teaser showing the remains of Winterfell. One of the biggest questions fans of the show have is who will live and who will die.

We don’t know about the show, but you know who will die: people who spoil, and have no shame in doing so. Winter will come for you.

Here’s a list of all annoying habits GoT fans possess, especially from this part of the world:

1. Spoilers

Ok, this is a universal problem but Pakistanis take it a step further. An episode might not even have aired and Pakistani fans will fish out a torrent for the episode or a leaked script. And of course, they’ll start handing out spoilers, discussing and analysing the illegal footage they just saw on all social media platforms! Khuda ke liye, stop.

2. Role playing

We are ready to reenact the red wedding if we hear ONE more person say ‘Winters is coming’ or ‘You know nothing, like John Snow’ or ‘A Lannister always pays his debt.’ You’re not a Lannister. This is Karachi, winter came for a second; no need to repeat the line in June but yea you’re right about not knowing anything like my plan to kill you. Another new favourite: ‘A girl has no name’. You do have a name, it’s Usman.

3. The Phuppo factor

Some of us were not mad when John Snow and Khaleesi had a romantic ol’ time on that ship. But of course it was ruined by 10 million people reminding us that Khaleesi is in fact John Snow’s Phuppo. The Urdu term for aunt or biological father’s sister just makes it worse. Stay away from him, phuppo.

4. Localising GoT

Pakistanis love discussing politics. Mix that with a GoT fan and you’ll get endless references like “Oh my god Joffery is Bilawal”, “Maryam Nawaz is Cersei”, “Yaar, Jibran Nasir gives me Jon Snow vibes”. It was just slightly funny the first time, it’s boring and super inaccurate now. Pls stop.

4. Free loaders

Acquaintances and people you haven’t spoken to in forever will get in touch with to ask if you have an HBO GO account so they can peacefully watch an episode. Like, who are you?




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