7 things #AuratMarchTaughtMe

After a weekend of trolling and bashing, some Pakistanis took to Twitter to share what they learnt at Aurat March 2019

By Haniya Javed

KARACHI: This past weekend, the Pakistani Twitter has been nothing short of a rage pool. Pakistani women (and some male allies) dared to step out on Friday for Aurat March, which was held in multiple cities. This year, the march was more widespread and diverse than last year with women from different backgrounds and professions stepping out and making their voices heard. Many of these demands and opinions were voiced through posters and signs.

From harassment to equal pay to domestic violence, a wide array of issues that affect women on a daily basis were tackled. While a lot of posters were morphed into obscene messages by Internet tolls and there was no end to how hurt the male ego was this weekend, the march did end up creating the ripples it had aimed to create.

There was a lot of learning and lessons one can gather from it and Twitter countered the endless bashing by trending #Auratmarchtaughtme. People had some really good things to say. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Strength in numbers. This was felt by all those who attended marches in their respective cities.

2. It must go beyond a single event every year

3. The right to public space is a basic right

4. Masculinity is SO fragile, a bunch of posters can trigger it

5. Moments of self-realisations

6. A deeper understanding of feminism

6. Trans rights are human rights

7. Allies



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