Minister for water resources arrives in yellow sports car at event in water-scarce Karachi

People are calling out Faisal Vawda for flaunting his wealth

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Trust Faisal Vawda, Minister for water resources, to be present at the most unexpected of places. And in the most unexpected fashion.

Previously, the PTI MNA made his presence known (read: shown) when the Chinese Consulate in Karachi came under attack. Gun in hand and clad in a bulletproof jacket, Vawda arrived at the scene and when questioned by the media said (they) will fight for the country. This time he is the news in a different situation but by no means posing to be discreet.

As PSL kicks off next month, a sending-off ceremony was hosted for Karachi Kings on Sunday. While a lot of Karachi’s bigwigs made it to the event, Vawda’s pictures began surfacing on social media. Stepping out of a yellow sports car with people surrounding his car, some taking pictures of it, Vawda became the center of attention:

Some said he was the most-stylish minister of Imran Khan’s cabinet

Others mocked him for his entry to a ‘film shoot’

Important questions were asked

Most couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Minister Faisal Vawda, on the other hand, had only one thing to say, “Good luck Karachi Kings.”

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