The best thing about this year’s PSL anthem: No more Ali Zafar

This time, Fawad Khan has taken the reigns

By Shaheera Anwar

KARACHI: Pakistan Super League (PSL), which rolls out its anthem each year, has released yet another anthem for the franchise’s upcoming fourth installment. This time, the officials have chosen Fawad Khan and Young Desi to perform the number instead of sticking with Ali Zafar.

While it’s not clear why the franchise authorities did not opt for Zafar this year – considering he was known as one of the faces of PSL – we do want to give them the benefit of doubt and laud their efforts of not signing someone who has been accused of sexual harassment. At a time where the #MeToo movement is trying to make its way to Pakistan and helping women gather the courage to share their stories, it’s essential that all people accused of such acts, are held accountable. With Hollywood and Bollywood boycotting powerful male figures who have allegedly misbehaved with various women, it’s about time that the Pakistani entertainment industry does the same.

However, not many are happy with Khan taking the lead this time, saying his anthem Khel Deewano Ka, is not catchy enough to be remembered by fans of the franchise.

While it does not do full justice to the essence of cricket and PSL, it hits the right notes when it comes to avoiding alleged sexual predators. Khan might only be a pretty face for some in Khel Deewano Ka, but the fact that the officials have taken a stand – purposely or not – to not go ahead with Zafar, speaks a lot.

Hopefully other franchises will also jump on the bandwagon and give other talented artists a chance, instead of ones who have been accused of harassment.

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