5 types of eidi-givers

Eid is about eidi but some people make it awfully difficult to earn what's rightfully ours

By Alice Peter-Bhagtaney

KARACHI: Every year, the biggest thrill of Eid is undoubtedly eidi. For those of you who don’t know what eidi is, there’s no need to Google it. We’ll just tell you. You know how on Christmas, everyone tends to exchange presents? Well, in our part of the world we only appreciate presents that come in the form of cash. At every Eid, it is a tradition for the adults of the household to give money to the young as a sign of love and sharing. But the following list of adults make it really difficult to reach your eidi target.

1. The kanjoos uncle

This particular breed of uncles is the worst. They’ll always tell you they’re broke even if you can clearly see bundles of cash overflowing from their pockets. Even calling them ‘miser’ is an understatement. Kids, word of advice: avoid these uncles at all costs, it’s not worth it. Because he’ll dig the depths of pocket to find you only a Rs10 note. And let’s be real, what can you even buy with that these days?

2. The barey dil waley uncle

This category of uncles are the best. They always hit the ATM before coming to your house and willingly shower you with crisp and fresh currency notes. Hold onto these uncles and be sure to always greet them with the best smile. You don’t wanna lose ’em.

3. The bahaney baaz aunty

Aunties seem to be pretty good at this. They’ll definitely give you eidi but only if you work for it. Their bahanas include: “Jub humare ghar aogey, tab milegi eidi” or “Pehle achi si chai pilao, phir milegi eidi”. But hey, we’re not complaining because all the efforts make it totally worth it. Aunty, you da bomb!

4. The overenthusiastic barey bhaiya

We all have that one older brother who gets a job and suddenly wants to give everyone eidi. But it’s his first, and the job market isn’t paying that well so he’ll give you Rs100 and ask you to divide it among your cousins. Bummer. But it’s the thought that counts right? However, what’s really annoying is when he calls you the next day and utters the following words:

5. The pappi aunty

We all know that one aunty who keeps one condition for eidi: a geeli pappi. She just has a lot of love to give. Now the question is, how far will you go for eidi?

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