8 types of people on Chaand Raat

Which one are you?

By Alice Peter-Bhagtaney

KARACHI: Everyone has to admit that Chaand Raat is an event in itself. The night before Eid when everybody’s out in the streets, there’s just this indescribable positive energy in the air. Unless of course it’s a high alert security situation because then it’s a bummer cause your parents panic about letting you go out. But other than that, Chaand Raat is possibly the best night of the year. Would it be wrong to say it is the equivalent of Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve in other parts of the world? I guess not. So naturally when you’re out, you get to observe all kinds of people, engrossed in their own thing. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Those who are obsessed with mehendi

There are always those girls who will do anything to go out and get henna applied on their palms. Even if they have the option of calling someone at home, they will still choose to go out for it. And if you ask them why, they’ll tell you “Mehendi ke bagair, chaand raat wali feeling he nahi aati yaar”. Yep, them feels.

2. Those who can’t get enough of cleaning their homes

Chaand Raat means less than 12 hours till Eid and Eid = unlimited supply of guests and their bachas. All the chachas and phupos and mamoos and khaalas have expressed a desire to visit so naturally the house has to be squeaky clean. Everything ranging from bed sheets, curtains and crockery has to be replaced with the fancy stuff. Warna khaandan main naam badnaam hojayega na. 

3. Those who leave shopping till the last minute

Majority people fall under this category, which causes crazy traffic jams everywhere. They think there will be enough time. But there’s never enough time. No space to walk in the store either.

4. Those who are only excited about all the food they can eat (and all the stuff they can drink) 

Oops. Did we share too much?

5. Those who only care about the selfies they will take

Shoes. Photo. Earrings. Photo. Clothes. Photo. Food. Photo. Makeup. Photo. Family. Photo.

6. Those who are prepared for Eid well in advance

These are the kind of high maintenance people who are always prepared for anything and everything life throws at them. So they’re pretty chilled out on Eid as well. They give their clothes to the tailor for stitching when Ramazan starts like responsible citizens, get their shopping done gradually and are all prepared and relaxed a day before. And they sit there, on their high horse, judging all the last-minute shoppers, feeling happy about the way they are.

7. Those who leave all the waxing and threading till the last minute 


8. The ones who celebrate the night before

You know who you are.

That’s all folks! Eid Mubarak from us! xx

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