How to conserve water at home

Pakistan is facing a water crisis which will only get worse in coming years

KARACHI: A recent study showed that Pakistan would run out of water by 2025. That’s seven years away. While you let that settle in, we compiled a list of steps you can and should take in our everyday life to conserve water as reported in Friends of the Earth and Running Dry.

1. Stop using the shower, start using a bucket of water:

Taking a shower has almost become a necessity now but given the dwindling amount of water reservoirs, we have to mend our ways and  switch to using a bucket to take a bath. Every minute under the shower wastes up to 17 litres of water. By switching to a bucket, you can save more than 50 litres of water.

2. Use a mug of water while brushing your teeth:

A running tap of water can waste some six litres of water every minute. So, the next time you brush your teeth, either use a glass of water for it or just turn off the water to avoid wasting water. Every little counts.

3. Reduce flush water consumption:

An average household can waste up to 20 litres of water in a day by flushing the toilet. There are two ways to reduce the waste. One,  install low-flush toilet tanks or put a bottle filled with pebbles – to make it heavy – inside the flush tank by which it will get to full capacity in less amount of water.

4. Run your washing machine only when it’s full of clothes:

You can reduce the amount of water wastage and also electricity bills by half if you only run your washing machine once it is full to its capacity. When the machine is run when fewer clothes, not only does it waste a lot of water it also costs you more in electricity bills.

5. Don’t wash your car with a running hose:

A running hose can waste gallons of water, therefore, instead of using it for washing your car, you can use a bucket full of water. Another option is to park your car in a lawn – if available – and wash your as the rinse water will help grow the grass.

6. Use water from ACs for your plants:

Instead of wasting your AC water, use that amount for gardening and watering your plants. You can also use this water for your car, as it’s devoid of any minerals, which is effective for its radiator or battery.

This story is part of a how-to series, which is updated weekly. You can read the previous entry here.

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