Bushra Ansari announces her very own comedy special!

KARACHI: If there is anyone in the media industry who can do comedy, it is none other than Bushra Ansari. The actor began her career starring in the most hilarious comedy shows in Pakistan namely Fifty Fifty and Aangan Terha and has made audiences laugh over the span of her career (which included serious roles too). Now in 2023, a collaboration we didn’t know we needed is finally in the works and we cannot wait to see the end result. Bushra Ansari will be joining hands with KopyKats and Active Media for her every own stand up comedy show called Malika-i-Tabassum.

Malika-i-Tabassum is being produced by none other than theatre maestro Dawar Mehmood, who it was revealed in the press conference, had been after Bushra Ansari for the comedy production for the past five years and is one of the main reasons why she agreed to do it. As per the President of the Arts Council Ahmed Shah, no one is more equipped to entertain and engage an audience better than Bushra Ansari.

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Malika-i-Tabassum, which is set to hit the stage on June 25th is a one woman show which means only Bushra Ansari will be performing and there is no set script for the production. However, Ansari said she doesn’t want the label of stand up comedy to be attached to her new venture because in the West, stand up comedy is more open in terms of content. She has also set the bar very high for herself with her new venture saying that in the West people laugh at the smallest of jokes. As per the actor, Pakistani taste in comedy is a slight bit different and so it’ll be a new venture for her.

It’s fair to say, we cannot wait to see the magic this collaboration has in store for us!

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