No Twitter, Hazim Bangwar did not paint the colours of the LGBTQ flag on the new sports facility

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Ever since his appointment as Assistant Commissioner North Nazimabad, Hazim Bangwar has had to face unnecessary scrutiny over his public persona. However, he hasn’t let that stop him from putting in due effort to better his allotted part of Karachi. He recently revealed a new project under works, a “Under the Bridge Sports Facility.” So, why is everyone linking the bridge to gay pride instead of focusing on the good the project will bring about?

It all began with a video from India which showed a sports facility created in the space under a bridge on the road. In no time, the viral video reached the AC North Nazimabad who promised to bring something similar to his area.

When pictures of the progress of the project were shared, naysayers were quick to jump in and question why the bridge was being painted the specific colors. To be more particular, they questioned Hazim Bangwar why he chose to paint the roof the color of the rainbow which is often associated with LGBTQ and gay pride.

However, Hazim Bangwar was quick to dispel the rumors about gay pride and LGBTQ colors on the bridge. He took to Twitter to explain, “A little clarification for the one’s fainting from confusion. I simply copied and recreated what was shared with me by the public including the colors and the design. I don’t mind the small minded talk but I truly hope that the public enjoys the effort.”

He also shared a picture of the original bridge and the one he was overseeing.

Since that was cleared it, its about time we appreciate the efforts the young AC is putting in!

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