Meme central: Some of the best moments to come out of the Ambani launch event

KARACHI: The internet is currently flooded with pictures from the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) launch. The star-studded event saw some of the most sought of celebrities, both in Hollywood and Bollywood, under one roof. But the Ambani event also gave rise to some of the most hilarious memes that will leave you highly entertained!

The Indian paparazzi 

To be fair, the real showstoppers atthe Ambani events were the paparazzi who gave way for some solid memes. Their pronunciation of Zendaya and Nick (Jonas) will live rent free in our minds. And they even had a sense of humor!

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Greta Thunberg who?

Only Jackie Shroff could pull off walking into an Ambani event with a plant and naturally (all puns intended), it had to be made into a meme.

The crossover we never knew we needed

The real reason why these actors were invited

Memes got to the bottom of why these particular stars were invited to the Ambani center launch.

The actual multiverse of madness

In another universe

It was all fun and memes until

While everyone was enjoying the pictures from the launch event, one particular moment rubbed people the wrong way. When Varun Dhawan led Gigi Hadid on stage, lifted her up and planted a kiss on her cheek, it led to people accusing him of touching her without consent and claiming she looked uncomfortable.

But the actor was not having any of it and quickly shot down the naysayers by letting them know why their opinions were irrelevant.

How can we not love the internet?

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