Best of Fashion Pakistan Winter Gala

Out of the seven designers who showcased the theme of 'Traditions Redefined', here are the collections we loved the most

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Fashion Pakistan Winter Gala took place on December 2, and showcased seven different collections under the theme of ‘Traditions Redefined’. Amongst the designers and brands who participated in the Gala were Hina Mirza, Zaaviay, Sameer Sain, Aamna Aqeel, Zohaib Jubileo, Arizai and Maheen Khan who collaborated with Jafferjees. What was interesting to notice about the fashion show was how established models like Mushk Kaleem and Nimra Jacob were chosen for the event along with some fresh faces. The decision to feature both, new and top models, at the show sat well with the theme of the evening. While the models rocked each look, here are the three collections that caught our attention.

Maheen Khan & Jafferjees

Not new to the world of fashion or Fashion Pakistan at all, designer Maheen Khan nailed the brief with her collaboration with Jafferjees. Khan’s collection featured traditional sarees and shalwar kameez with a modern twist. The sarees adorned by the models were bright, colourful and neatly draped with the palloo pinned to the shoulders and belts around the waist to give the outfit a more compact look. Khan’s line also featured a display of matching separates for women, some with traditional black buttons in the centre while another outfit brought back the style of long shirts with shalwar. Each outfit was paired with a Jafferjees bag to accessorise and complete the look.

Hina Mirza

Sticking to western winter wear for the Fashion Pakistan Winter Gala, Hina Mirza opted for solids and plaids for her segment. The collection of matching separates worked around hues of grey, brown and blue with each outfit made unique with a statement piece. Be it the boots, the thick scarves, or the cross body bags, Hina Mirza’s collection was definitely fashion forward.

Aamna Aqeel

What’s a fashion week without some Hollywood-style gowns and dresses? Aamna Aqeel’s collection not only added colour to the evening but also presented outfits that were perfect for red-carpets and formal evenings. From a sleek purple gown with padded shoulders to Nimra Jacob’s skirt with pockets (who doesn’t love pockets?!) and a cropped blouse to Mushk Kaleem’s fairytale pink dress, the collection definitely defined what fashion shows are meant for.

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