5 funny tweets parents can relate to

Parents end up wondering whether they should laugh or cry.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Kids are supposed to be the light of their parent’s life. The missing piece of the puzzle that makes the picture complete. But for most of the part, our beloved children revel in finding ways to torture us. Parents often wonder whether they should laugh at their kid’s antics or cry. Sometimes, we do both. Here are some of the funniest parenting tweets most parents can relate to that will get you through the day.

1.  On kids and their selective deafness:

Whether it’s you calling them for dinner or telling them not to do something, it’s like your child simply cannot hear you. No matter how loud you might be. Probably because they don’t want to hear you. And by any off chance, they do decide to turn off their selective deafness they’ll have the audacity to ask why you’re yelling.

2. On taking kids out to public places:

Parents live on ordering in and for good reason. It doesn’t matter what age your kids might be, they will make the outing a test of your patience. From throwing tantrums to throwing food around to forgetting all the rules and manners you taught them, your parenting will definitely be called into question. Added bonus if you have a teenager, they’ll act like they want to be anywhere but where they are and that family time is the worst sort of punishment.  Most of the dining out time will be spent yelling at your kids, and even your partner, under your breath.

Yes Ushna, you don’t understand what it is to be a parent

3. On the lack of privacy:

Most mothers would agree that when they need refuge from their kids (and sometimes from their husbands) they escape to the bathroom. But once your kids figure it out, there’s no concept of privacy. They need to know exactly why you’re in the bathroom and they need to announce your business to the world. God forbid you have guests over or are using a public restroom.

4On being selfish:

Parents live for their kids. But sometimes we’re allowed to be a bit selfish. Especially when it comes to food. Sometimes we just don’t want to share.

5. On kids being picky eaters:

Making the perfect meal for your picky eaters is nothing short of rocket science. One day they’ll enjoy the food, the next day they’ll hate it even though it’s exactly the same thing. And it’s worse when they only like to eat one thing. Got to love kids and their taste pallets.

And so if you found yourself relating to even just one of these parenting tweets rest assured your child is not the only one out there who’s doing this to their parents.

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