Aamina Sheikh’s new YouTube channel is the most wholesome thing you’ll see today

MeissaMama features Aamina and her daughter Meissa as they narrate Urdu stories for children

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Let’s just first say that Aamina Sheikh and her daughter Meissa Mirza are our favourite mother-daughter combo.

But what they’re putting together on YouTube is even more wholesome than anything we’ve seen of them so far. Aamina Sheikh has recently launched her own YouTube channel, called MeissaMama.

The channel features videos of Aamina reading Urdu stories for children and Meissa also makes a guest appearance. Well, at least her voice does.

The videos feature Urdu books such as Abid Ki Tauba and Meri Rangeen Duniya which have a lot of fun, colourful illustrations. If people are trying to keep their children occupied during these times, MeissaMama will do the trick while imparting some knowledge also.

According to their Facebook page, MeissaMama aims “to build community and spread learnings through progressive and entertaining content for our children and for their families globally.”

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