Sapphire announces recycling project

Revive The Thread is the brand's contribution to a greener earth by turning used clothes into new sustainable bags

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Sapphire, the clothing store, announced that they are starting an exciting new recycling project labelled as “Revive the Thread.” The idea behind the project is, as per the brand, to encourage their customers to “contribute to a greener earth.” And so they’ve launched their campaign in hopes of doing their part in saving the environment by reducing clothing waste and turning old and used clothes into something new.

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Described as a “sustainably driven campaign” the concept is for customers to donate their used, damaged or discarded clothes or garments and the brand will repurpose those items which is essence will revive the thread and turn the clothes into a canvas bag. All the campaign requires is for customers to donate their used clothes in the garment donation boxes that are placed in their Sapphire retail outlets. In return for your donation you’ll be asked for your contact details and a discount code will be communicated to you either through text or email. In order to be eligible for a ten percent discount, you’ll need to donate at least five items. The discount will only be applicable on full priced items and will be applicable on items from all categories including intimates, fragrances and cosmetics.

However, there are some conditions attached to the campaign. The discount will only be valid on in-store purchases and not on online purchases. The discount will also not be applicable on items that are already on sale.

Another condition attached is that customers cannot exceed a total discount amount of RS. 500 per transaction. Moreover, a single transaction cannot allow for multiple discounts at a time.


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For anyone who wants to avail the discounts offered through the Sapphire campaign, they should keep the date 31st August in mind as that is the last day that discounts offered through Revive the Thread are being offered.

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