Fahad Hussayn responds to backlash on HSA outfit

"People want to box and label things, anything that does not fit into their dictionary or their respective box they can’t accept...I no longer wish to fit into anyone’s box," he wrote

KARACHI: Quite a flurry was created on social media after glimpses from Hum Style Awards 2021 made their way to the internet. Viewers were specially critical of many of our celebrities’ outfits. One of the targets of online criticism and trolling was fashion designer Fahad Hussayn. A couple of days and numerous memes later, Hussayn finally decided to address the issue.

“It’s a thing, people want to box and label things, anything that does not fit into their dictionary or their respective box they can’t accept,” Hussayn wrote about his rather unique outfit at the Hum Style Awards 2021. “back in 2009 when the advent of social media was growing out of its infant stage, I used to get a lot of backlash regarding my personality, my hair, how I chose to keep my nails, dressing ,the kajal, the jewels, everything. I felt so pressured to maintain what “other people” approved of my image that somewhere along the way I stopped, I gave up on everything that made me comfortable in my skin for acceptance from masses. I have since then only felt home recently, when I grew above opinions and other people’s labels and stopped caring , I am who I am. I no longer wish to fit into anyone’s box for validation. If you can’t take it. Please unfollow!” he told his followers.

Hussayn continued sharing his experiences and the unsolicited opinions he has had to listen to in another post. “Eccentric, mad, unhinged, unapologetic I’ve had many words given to my intensity, a lot of times people tell me to ditch the emotions they don’t have so I can fit into their universe,” he revealed. “I have my own universe and I love being in it, I work 16-18 hours a day including Sundays since the past 16 years with barely a few days off, the passion hours I put into my work learning and executing whatever is in my holographic brain , I don’t need anyone’s opinion on what I do with my time, what I am and what I make is not for everyone, public opinions on how effeminate my hair look or what I choose to wear and even design is available for gossip but not up for a topic for bullying or abuse. I can wear whatever I want, wherever I want, because no one is paying my bills.”

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