Pakistan manages to administer 10 million Covid-19 vaccine doses

The government plans on vaccinating at least 70 million people by the end of the year.

KARACHI:  A ceremony was held to mark the deliverance of the 10th million Covid-19 vaccination in Pakistan. Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry called the occasion a “milestone.” However, despite the fact that the 10 million mark seems like a number to celebrate, Asad Umar said the country still has a long way to go. The Minister of Federal Planning, Development and Special Initiatives announced that the government’s aim is to ensure that at least 70 million people receive the Covid vaccination by the end of the year.

Speaking about the rate at which people are being vaccinated, Umar said that on a daily basis around 300,000 people were registering themselves for their doses. Despite the staggering figure, Umar still felt the need to urge people to get themselves vaccinated. He said that the more people get vaccinated and the sooner they do so, the government will be able to ease the current restrictions.

However, there are still some hurdles that the government is facing with the vaccination process. Earlier today Umar announced that a call center was being established to reach out to people who had gotten their first dose but failed to show up for their second one. As per reports, 300,000 people did not get their second jab.

Umar attributed the reduction in the Covid-19 cases to the precautionary measures that the government had taken during the third wave of the pandemic such as the ban on outdoor dining as well as shops being shut down at 6 pm. He also lauded the government, Imran Khan, and the NCOC for their efforts amidst the Coronavirus pamdemic.

Currently, Corona positivity rate in Pakistan stands at 2.54% as of the last 24 hours and marks the second day the positivity rate has been recorded below 3%. As per the health ministry, 44,000 tests have been administered in the last 24 hours out of which 1,100 people tested positive. Walk-ins for the Covid vaccination have been opened.

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