How to be fashion forward this Eid

Make a statement with these quick and easy styling tips.

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: The pandemic may have confined us to our homes, unable to go out much owing to the health risks involved. However, that in no way means our Eid looks for 2021 cannot take a flight. While you may not be able to do it for the extended clan, you can still do it for the gram! Fashion is not entirely a matter of display, but an expression of how you feel in that moment. The energy you radiate. This Eid is definitely one to celebrate after all that surrounds us in the current atmosphere.

While your Eid looks have to come from you and how you feel at that moment, a little list of styling tips can always come in handy, ensuring you don’t miss out on important details. Here is a step-by-step guide to styling yourself as the next trendsetter in town.

Go floral

Floral patterns, bold and colorful are always a good idea. Light-colored clothes work best with floral prints/karhai. Style it with minimal makeup, quirky jewelry items with your hair done into effortless waves. You can also add actual flowers like Gajray to your hair, or get a wristband made out of roses.


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Go bold or go home

Try on something you have not tried in a while. Or never at all! Put on a plain silk saree in soft pastel color and hear gasps escape people wherever you go.

If the blouse is as intricate as it can get, minimal jewelry such as pearl or diamond studs, along with soft glam makeup would be more than enough to accentuate your look. Remember, with a silk saree, less is always more!


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Go monochrome

It is always a good idea to choose a color to express yourself. While a monochrome look is easy to style, it can appear very fashionably forward with the right accessories. Pair your outfit with heavy desi jewelry and a simple dupatta with a stronger hue of the same color. Keep your hairdo as effortless as possible and throw in a ring or two in the mix to complete the look. You have now brought Anarkali to the 21st century!


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Go aristocratic

Get a long flowy dress, with minimal but detailed work in mokaish, dabka, mirror, or stones. While stones can increase the price by a few notches, something similar can be achieved using glass work on your outfit. On a pastel color, this work is what eyes will fall on first. Do a soft glam makeup look, with light smokey eyelids. A smooth and clean updo would do wonders! Go easy on the jewelry and let your outfit do the talking.

Go pure

White can never go out of style. Not when designers come up with ways to renew the color into modern designs, while also keeping the color’s purity intact. White speaks of effortlessness, purity, and regality. There is no way you could go wrong with it.


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Go vibrant

Eid is a festival of colors and while you can always have time for regality, you can always have room for more color as well. Put on a long dress with high heels and show them who runs the world! Go bold on the eyes and pick out a nude shade for your lips. You could go with straight hair, or a sleek back ponytail to finish the look.


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In conclusion, Eid should be about sharing your joy with others. If clothes make you happy, that is how you should express it. Fashion should not only be about looking good to those who see you, but primarily about feeling beautiful in your own body. Do what you think makes you love yourself more. It should be about cherishing your joy, your body, your skin color, and your strength as a person. It is not a competition, because everyone will carry themselves the way they feel best. Your Eid looks should be about what helps you feel good and 2021 should be no different!

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