Sonam Kapoor shares tips for glowing skin

From drinking four bottles of water to munching on bowls of salad, here are three ways the actor keeps her skin healthy

KARACHI: Sonam Kapoor is beautiful, to say the least. Of course, being an actor means that she has a team of stylists and makeup artists available to elevate her natural beauty at any time, but Kapoor seems keen on looking after herself as well. She shares the same with her followers through a series of ‘Vanity Vignettes’ episodes on Instagram. The latest post from the series has Sonam Kapoor sharing three tips for glowing skin. Here is what keeps her skin healthy and fresh:

1. Water

“Water is the best thing for your skin,” Kapoor started off. “Dehydration is not good for your skin, not good for your body, not good for your mental health, physical health, nothing. But water is essential, important, amazing. Keep drinking water, hydrate yourself, hydrate yourself, hydrate yourself,” she emphasized.


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2. Omegas

“Second thing I would say are omegas. If you’re not vegetarian, fish is the best way to get your omegas. If you’re vegetarian then I would suggest nuts and seeds. So walnuts, different chia seeds, lotus seeds, any of the seeds. Vegetable oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, these are all amazing for your skin,” revealed Sonam Kapoor.


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3. Fibre

The third and final element which Kapoor thinks makes for glowing skin is fibre. “So that’s lots of vegetables, lots of fruits which are low in sugar. But lots and lots of vegetables and salads because the more fibre you have, the fuller you get and the cleaner your system will be,” she urged her listeners. “So, chop all that carrot, chop all that broccoli, doodhi (bottle gourd), anything. Just have lots of vegetables.” The actor has previously also talked about the importance of incorporating greens in her PCOS diet.

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