5 tips to style summer dresses

From solid colours to floral prints, these dresses can be your best friend this season

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Most of Pakistan knows only two seasons. Summer and winter. And Karachiites mostly know summer, with a hint of cool breezes towards the end of the year. We spent a good part of last summer inside our homes, lazying around in our PJs and being perfectly happy. But with a lot of people going back to work, spending their days at the beach, or simply hanging out at a friend’s house, it might be a good time to experiment with clothes.

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Summer dresses are comparatively less popular in our part of the world, perhaps due to the limited options available in our stores or the hesitation that comes with trying something new. Nonetheless, if you are ready to step into the world of summer dresses, here are five tips that might help you:

1. Keep it simple

The best thing about summer dresses is how cool and breezy they can feel. However, it is important for your outfit to be pleasing to the eyes as well. Too many patterns or abstract designs can ruin your look. Try going for solid colours, especially ones that will pop in the sun.


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2. Floral prints

If you are someone who likes to add a bit of personality to your clothes, floral prints might be a good fit for you. Delicate patterns in soft colours often go well together on hot days. To elevate the look even more, you can put on some bright liptick and carry a bag that contrasts with your dress.


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3. Accessorize 

Dresses do not always have to be simple. Nor does a dress translate into casual wear. If there is not enough going on with your outfit, focus on the accessories. The right pair of earrings, shoes and hairdo can do wonders. Just make sure the look is right for the occasion and weather!


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4. Pair it with a jacket

For those who prefer wearing long sleeves, sleeveless dresses may not be an option. But, they do not have to be entirely thrown out of the picture. If you have a solid coloured sleeveless dress that you really wish to wear, simply pair it with a cute printed or denim jacket! Or if the dress is printed, choose a solid coloured jacket to make you feel comfortable and chic at the same time!


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5. Recycle

Change of season does not have to mean an entirely new wardrobe. Just because an outfit is summer-appropriate does not mean that it cannot be worked with when it is cold. Adding stockings, blazers or long coats to your dresses always works during the winter season. That way, you can create a new look without investing in more clothes!

Bonus tip, you can replicate many of these looks with jumpsuits as well.

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