Ayesha Omar introduces all-natural beauty products

Ayesha O Beauty is inspired by the entrepreneur's love for nature and the healing power of naturopathy

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Not long ago, Ayesha Omar teased her fans with the news of her own beauty line. Launched on 8th March, the wellness line, as Omar likes to call it, features a rang of products including serums, lip balms and face masks.

“The product range is all natural and inspired by naturopathy as a healing force has natural and organic ingredients. The products have been created according to what Ayesha wanted, after a great deal of research and testing, and are being manufactured by Hemani,” reads the press release for Ayesha O Beauty. “Believing that wellness is where beauty starts is how the idea of Ayesha O Beauty was born. With a team of skincare experts who also shared the vision of an evolved, holistic approach towards beauty, a range of products has been created that celebrates nature in its authentic form.”


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Speaking about her beauty line during an Instagram live session, Ayesha Omar had earlier revealed how her brand is inspired by her love for nature. Omar had first witnessed the healing powers of natural ingredients when her mother used naturopathy for her autoimmune skin disease.

The brand was launched at an intimate gathering of close family, and friends on 9th March. Amongst the attendees were Ahsan Khan, Maheen Khan, Maria Wasti, Ainy Jaffri, Angeline Malik, Sikandar Rizvi, Azfar Rehman and Nusrat Hidayatullah.


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The product range is available at all major stores, all Hemani stores and online stores including Daraz and Bagallery. The line is also available for purchase from www.ayeshao.com.

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