Everything we know about Ayesha Omar’s beauty line so far

Launching on 8th March, Ayesha O Beauty will offer skincare products, soon followed by hair care and internal care

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: One of Pakistan’s most versatile artists, Ayesha Omar recently announced a beauty line of her very own. Omar has always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle whether it be physical health or mental health. How one looks and the products one uses has a huge impact on their lifestyle and how they feel emotionally as well. Venturing into a wellness line which aims to promote not just healthy skin, rather a healthy lifestyle, Ayesha Omar is set to launch her products on 8th March. While she may not have revealed too many details about the beauty line, she did give away a few secrets during an Instagram live session on 26th February.

After listening to what the entrepreneur had to say, here is what we know about Ayesha Omar Beauty so far:

What’s the story behind the brand?

It turns out, Ayesha Omar and her brother, both, have been interested in skincare and natural products for a long time. Her brother also used a range of natural herbs and ingredients to use as medicine for their mother when she was sick. Noticing the impact that it had on their mother and the healing powers of nature, Omar decided to create a beauty line using those natural ingredients. While the concept is hers, the products are being manufactured and distributed by Himani.


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Is it only skincare products?

As the name suggests, Ayesha Omar Beauty is not only about making one’s skin look good, it is about feeling and looking good as a whole. While skincare products will be the first to be launched, the brand will be releasing haircare products a couple of months down the line followed by a range of internal care products.

Who are the products for?

Contrary to popular assumptions, Ayesha O Beauty is not just for women, it is for everyone. Omar revealed how she wants to change the narrative which surrounds toxic masculinity and the belief that men do not indulge in self-care routines. While much of the team who has worked for the brand has been women and women are going to be a major market, the products are for everyone.

Are the products all organic?

During the conversation, Omar revealed that the products are all natural with some organic ingredients used. While the ultimate goal is to become all-organic, many ingredients are not available in Pakistan. Producing organic products also requires a lot of certification which is why Ayesha Omar Beauty is all natural at the moment with some organic elements present in the mix.

What are some of the ingredients used?

Omar listed down aloe vera, coconut oil, honey, apricots and lavender as some of her favourite ingredients.

What is Ayesha Omar’s favourite product?

The model revealed the Ayesha O Beauty night serum as her favourite product out of the range. Talking about the importance of sleep and allowing one’s body to regenerate and recover through the night, Omar mentioned that the serum is not just healing for the skin but also helps calm one down. Made out of a lot of natural oils, the smell of the serum helps calm one’s soul after a busy day while nourishing the skin. As a pro tip, Omar advised her followers to take deep breathes before going to sleep at night, allowing the body to slow down and relax.

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Are the products available for international audiences?

The products will be available for local as well as international audiences. Omar mentioned that international shipping will be available for the UK and USA, making the products accessible for an even bigger audience.

We wish Ayesha Omar the very best for her skincare range and cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!

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