Azaan Sami Khan releases debut song, ‘Main Tera’

The title song of Khan's debut album is a love song with soft vocals and a melodious tune

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Azaan Sami Khan has many songs to his acclaim and has proven to be a musical genius time and again. With his recent production, Tu Hai Mera, garnering praises from critics and fans alike, Khan has managed to take up another challenge on himself. Stepping into the world of singing, Khan is ready to release his debut album, Main Tera. The title track by Azaan Sami Khan was released on February 10 after much hype, with other tracks expected to release soon after.

The debut song, ‘Main Tera’, is a love song with a simple yet melodious tune. Khan’s soft vocals perfectly complement the lyrics which talk about falling in love. The video is a rather simple one, featuring Azaan Sami Khan and Maheen Siddiqui. However, the video does not entirely sit well with the theme of the song.

Siddiqui plays the role of a restaurant owner who has Khan visiting her venue after closing hours. While she makes it clear that the restaurant has shut down for the night, Khan insists that she let him in and serve him some food. While the owner is clearly annoyed by his presence and prepares a quick dish for him, Khan makes himself comfortable in the space and sings a love song. From the looks of it, Khan is interested in the girl and would not take no for an answer.

While the lyrics talk about love which is growing by the minute, the video offers little to no room for romance to blossom between the two artists. The six-minute-long video also comes to a rather abrupt end and does not do full justice to the song.


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The debut album is expected to feature nine original songs by Azaan Sami Khan. The singer’s collaboration with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the track, ‘Meri Sajna Re’, is definitely one to look forward to. Not only is Main Tera Khan’s first independent project, but it is also HUM Record’s first production.

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