Azaan Sami Khan’s new song brings together Pakistan’s best artists

Titled 'Tu Hai Mera', the song features Hadiqa Kiani, Ali Tariq, Hadiya Hashmi and Qawwals in an anthem which reignites hope

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: With COVID-19 still dominating our lives, industries across the globe have had to adapt to the new normal. Musicians, too, had to rethink their conventional ways of connecting with audiences and remote performances began to pick up pace. However, in no way did this mean that talent had to be compromised upon and the latest song by Azaan Sami Khan proves the same. Titled ‘Tu Hai Mera’ and performed first at the Lux Style Awards 2020 as the Hope song, the song features vocals from some of Pakistan’s favourite artists.

Featuring Hadiqa Kiani, Ali Tariq and Hadiya Hashmi, the song speaks of faith and hope. Meanwhile, Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad’s presence in the song adds a sufi flair to the anthem and presents a perfect blend of tunes and genres. “The vision I had for this song was to make something that holds value,” said Azaan Sami Khan. The message of the track focuses on reigniting faith as a need of the hour, inspiring listeners to hope for positivity amidst all the darkness that surrounds. The lyrics have been penned by S.K Khalish while Khan partnered with Eric Pillai for production, bringing in a multicultural aspect to the anthem.

The visual execution of the song is exemplary as well. Keeping in mind that LSA 2020 was a virtual event, the performances were socially distanced as well. However, at no point did the performance of ‘Tu Hai Mera’ feel disconnected. Hadiya Hashmi’s innocence and strong vocals immediately captivate the viewers while Hadiqa Kiani stuns in a black dress and a voice which is only soothing to the ears. Ali Tariq brings in his romantic charm with soft vocals and a guitar which perfectly blends in with the chorus provided by the Qawwals. The video also features a beautiful dance performance amidst the musicians, with the dancer moving in perfect harmony with the tunes of the song.

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