Abdullah Qureshi’s ‘Fasana’ is an ode to lost love

The singer's latest song is about the pain of moving on

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI:ย Known for his songs that resonate most with the young generation of Pakistan with their straight forward lyrics, Abdullah Qureshi has come up with yet another track. The song is dedicated to people struggling with their former significant others moving on with someone else.

Breakups are perhaps taken the most lightly in our part of the world because relationships are barely seen as an official commitment in comparison to engagement or marriage. However, the situation can be extremely taxing for people who have invested their emotions, time, and efforts into the hope that they might end up together someday. While music is often seen celebrating budding romance, it often avoids mourning over loss. Hence, making it challenging for people to be expressive over their breakups in usual circumstances.

With men often socialized in a way that they are restricted into keeping their feelings to themselves, their despair can often result in repression or anger outburst, rather than effectively channelling their emotions. The feeling has beautifully been captured in the music video of ‘Fasana’ย by Abdullah Qureshi. Hamza Farooq and Roohiย Kashifi have switched between handy-cam footage to a film camera, showing a drastic difference of treatment between the two. While the film camera depicts the present, it appears visibly clearer, although duller and colder. On the other hand, the handy-cam footage feels more warm and happy. One feels the closeness and comfort shared by the two. However, one does not see it coming that the two would part ways and turn strangers to one another.

Restricted by the fact that his constant is no longer around, Qureshi’s character decides to keep his feelings to himself and walk away. The music remains slow and sad, complimenting the slo-mo pace of its video. The lyrics simple yet honest are best enjoyed alongside the video. With ‘Fasana’,ย Abdullah Qureshi stars in yet another one of his songs.ย  This time alongside Emaan Khan and Roohi Kashfi.

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