Twitter proves that everyday is Atif Aslam’s day

Fans have been remembering some of the best tracks by Atif Aslam and their ability to live on

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Atif Aslam is one of Pakistan’s best singers for a number of reasons. He might not produce the most number of songs, but when he does, Atif Aslam hits the nail on the head each time. His soulful voice and soft tone are also reasons why he continues to be hired by international labels. Appreciating the artist for his talent and the songs which he has sung, Twitter has proven that everyday is a good day to remember Atif Aslam.

Many of Aslam’s songs have been romantic, or have been written for a movie which features two lovers, for example Hona Tha Pyar from the movie Bol. Aslam’s voice also has the tendency to resonate with his listeners and make his tracks relatable. Naturally, the songs are also a bummer for those who do not have a romantic partner to share the sweet moments with.

Some Twitteratis experienced an existential crisis while listening to one of Aslam’s most celebrated songs, Doorie.

Aadat was the first track to be sung by Atif Aslam but continues to be popular even 16 years down the line. For some, it still makes them sad.

Seems like some have chosen Atif Aslam as their Valentine as well.

Of course, Twitteratis were not going to let go of the opportunity to relate one of Aslam’s lyrics to their brown parents.

Twitter might have chosen a random day to celebrate Atif Aslam’s music but it really is his world in the music industry. The singer has been constantly making the nation proud through his music and professional achievements.

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