Arts Council launches ‘Sound Spirit’ for aspiring artists

Natasha Baig, Auj The Band and others opened the first session that took place on the weekend

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Known for recruiting fresh, talented artists on stage, in music, and many other art forms, Art Council has enjoyed a highly reputable position when it comes to promoting arts in Pakistan. Being an avenue of stage plays, collaborations with artists from different parts of the world, and teaching vocals and musical instruments to potential musicians and singers, Arts Council has been a major force behind extracting talent and providing a platform for that talent to be showcased.

Recently, the academy has launched its own musical platform which brings young talents from across the nation to Sound Spirit, a session of live musical performances being held in Karachi, Pakistan.

Being conceived by the ACMA – Arts Council Music Academy, Sound Spirit aims to be an avenue of opportunities.

Addressing the audience on the occasion of its launch, President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said, “Our youth doesn’t get a platform where they can perform or showcase their talents. The purpose of initiating this series Sound Spirit is to create an opportunity for the music community to not only enhance their professional skills but also to create an opportunity to come and collaborate together.”

Speaking further on their quest to bring forth newer talent he added, “We have been working really hard to bring the best out in the music.”

A handsome number of people had gathered at the Arts Council for the first episode of Sound Spirit, “Crescendo” last weekend. Alongside ACMA students, various notable figures from the industry joined hands with the avenue. This included Natasha Baig, Shallum Xavier, Aziz Kazi, Russel D’Souza, and Auj – the Band. The event came to a conclusion with the final performance by the director of the music academy, Adnan Afaq alongside various faculty members and students who set the stage ablaze. The final performance was curated by the creative head, Ahsan Bari.

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