Natasha Baig released 20 songs in 2020

The singer stands proud of her achievement from the year 2020 as she showcases a snippet of all 20 songs released this year

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Natasha Baig is a name not strange to music lovers. The singer has taken the industry by storm, thanks to her strong eastern vocals and the consistency with which she releases music. The Jawab-e-Shikwa vocalist recently released a rewind of all the songs she released this year, starting with the newest song first. Baig’s songs from 2020 total 20, which is a great feat in itself considering how tough the year has been due to the pandemic. There is no doubt that the year has been pretty demotivating towards creativity with havoc all around, however many singers from the industry have realigned themselves to the new normal. With these 20 songs, Natasha Baig stands tall and proud, while also encouraging.

“2020 was a huge test for all of us, my faith was shaken and just like a phoenix, it kept rising again and again,” she said on social media. “We have lost so much this year but what I have gained is so valuable to me because we have managed to gain all these in such testing times. I am so happy to share with you all that with the help of Allah, my family, and my team I have managed to release over 20 songs this year. It includes my debut album (Zariya), singles, and collabs.”

Natasha Baig thanked her fans for pushing her forward and enabling her to come up with a fine range of songs. “And trust me, this wasn’t possible without your love and support. You guys motivated me to stay positive and hopeful. My fans are my drive and today, just for you guys, I have made this list which shows my releases of this year and you can listen to them on every streaming platform.”

Baig, motivating her fans to keep fighting the tough times to emerge victorious from the other end, said, “Alhamdulillah for everything and I pray for the betterment in coming years.”


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