Nomi Ansari is the official designer for AirSial crew uniforms

The fashion designer has designed uniforms for the crew of AirSial, a new airline in Pakistan

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Nomi Ansari needs no introduction. The fashion designer is one of the most acknowledged designers in Pakistan. After having designed the uniforms for PIA’s air hostesses, Nomi Ansari has now designed the official uniforms of the AirSial crew. AirSial is a new airline in Pakistan conceived by the members of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The announcement was made by AirSial on social media as they introduced Nomi Ansari as their official designer.

“It is with immense pleasure AirSial announces, that Pakistan’s topmost performing designer in the fashion industry known for his exceptional and astounding dresses, having bagged countless awards has designed uniforms for us and it is none other than Nomi Ansari the styling icon of Pakistan,” read the press release. “We would like to thank Nomi Ansari for his tremendous and tireless effort in shaping our uniforms to the international standards giving them the most modest image matching our culture and traditions.”

AirSial allowed its followers a glimpse of what the crew uniforms look like. In a video shared by the airline earlier, flight attendants can be seen wearing green pants and blazers combined with a red cap and scarf. The airline is set to begin its journey on December 9.

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