Ali Noor is touring Hunza and you can travel with him

Featuring 50 artists and 20 musicians, Rung De Hunza is a 7-day tour with Ali Noor and his band starting on 17th October

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Are you an Ali Noor fan? Have you had to reschedule your travel plans because of the pandemic? Are you yet to explore the beauty of Hunza? What if you could tick off all three of these points with one road trip? Ali Noor and his band are now ready to welcome you on a 7 day long tour from Lahore to Hunza, starting on 17th November! The singer announced the plan on his social media today. According to him, the trip leaving on Saturday will be featuring 50 artists, 20 musicians and a whole lot of madness.

50 Artists – 20 musicians – one of a kind Art retreat! It's going to be nothing less than pagalpan – Colors of Fall!…

Posted by Ali Noor on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Priced at Rs.30,000/person from Lahore to Hunza, Ali Noor calls it “one of a kind art retreat!” Aimed at painting Pakistan with the colours of fall, Rung De Hunza has a limited capacity while bookings can be made by contacting the number mentioned by the team.

Some of the attractions on the list of the tour with Ali Noor are Altit and Baltit forts, Lulusar Lake and Attabad Lake. The team also has jamming sessions, painting activities, bonfires and stargazing activities planned for the tourists.

Ending on 23rd October, the package includes breakfast and dinner while rooms will be allotted on a sharing basis. It is also advised to take warm clothes, comfortable shoes, sunblock, and a raincoat with you to the trip.

Rung De Hunza might only be three days away but it is a great opportunity for music and art enthusiasts to come together and make Pakistan beautiful while enjoying themselves as well. The rest of us, on the other hand, can perhaps sit home and enjoy Ali Noor’s music.

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