5 Instagram accounts to follow if you’re into face art

These Pakistani artists have turned faces into canvases with their make up skills

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Art is usually the first discipline that humans try their hands at. As children, we are handed crayons to colour with, schools introduce us to art classes (which many of us fail). More recently, face art has gained increased popularity specially with new artists emerging on Instagram. However, in no way is the concept of painting the human body new.

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Body and face painting have been present for centuries, often associated with cultural practices. Hunters would paint their faces in order to camouflage with their surroundings. Native American tribes have used face painting for artistic expression since ancient times. Carnivals have stalls for face painting and even cricket and football matches have their fans cheering from the crowds with their faces plastered in colours of their team’s flag.

Today, artists use cosmetic paint to decorate their faces. Here are five of our favourite local Instagram accounts for face art:

1. Rubiya’s Artistry

Rubiya is only 20 years old but her face art is no less perfect than a professional’s. From recreating superhero looks to replicating Van Gogh’s starry night, Rubiya’s work only gets better with each look.

2. Makeup by JK

Another 20-year-old on the list is Jiya Khurram, a self-taught artist. While her content extends beyond just face art, the creative looks that the young artist posts are hard to look away from.

3. Beha basic

Another self taught artist on the list is Beha Zaidi. From galaxies to skulls, Zaidi recreated them all. And she doesn’t just do them on herself!

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4. Le Beauty Affair

While Rammal’s content is majorly about beauty, her looks aren’t just pleasing to the eye! They contain a deeper message which Rammal writes about as well.

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#StayHome & chill. ☕️ Follow @le_beautyaffair for more creative looks! 🥰 . . This is my second #corona virus awareness post. As you already know how exponentially fast this virus is spreading cause there are people still socialising, attending weddings and not realising the gravity of the situation. The best way to stay safe and keep others at bay is to observe self isolation. Don’t want to go all preachy but use this time wisely, it is teaching me the value of seeing my friends, laughing over absolutely nothing with my siblings (who aren’t with me rn), and so many other things we easily take for granted. This time is letting me be grateful for everything I’m given. ♥️♥️ I made a list of things we can do during this time: 💭 Self Care 💭 Workout ( I’ve decided to hop on the treadmill 🙊) 💭 Diet – no restaurant food or food panda. Eat healthy home cooked food 💭 Home care- Organizing, watering the plants, making space for my PR boxes 💭 Mental health – best time to reflect 💭 Gratitude journaling 🙏🏼 💭 Creative journaling 💭 Make tiktoks to enjoy music & life 😂😂 Hope you find these useful! ☺️☺️ . . And about let me tell you, this was by far the MOST difficult face art to do! It’s inspired by a ukarian artist’s work whose famous for her optical illusions but I mainly recreated @cakefacerj ‘s recreation. 💁🏻‍♀️ ———————————- Deets: 💥 @mehronmakeup Paradise AQ 💥 @elmersproducts glue to slick back eyebrows 💥 @colourpopcosmetics eyeliner to outline ——————————- #macro #faceart #sfx #editorialmakeup #creativemakeup #macroporn #macrophotography #stayathome #goldenrose #sephora #beautifybyamna #mehronmakeup #facepaintcom #sephoracollection #hudabeauty #هدى_بيوتي#ايلاينر#مكياج_سهره#مكياج_عيون#مكياج_خفيف#مكياج_ناعم#ايشادو#حواجب#كنتور#سموكي#انستازيا#رسم_حواجب#اكسبلور_لايك_كومنت_فولو_ي_عسل

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You are what you eat 🥑🍓🥒🍅🧀🥚🍳🍗🥗 . . Do you realise what you are putting on your plate & in your body everyday? We are so accustomed to binging on junk food & indulging in unhealthy lifestyles that we stop thinking about our body. Ketogenic diet has changed my way of looking at food, I look for the nutritional value chart at the back of every product I buy now and google macros of the other stuff before consuming. It has made me more aware of what goes in my body and how it helps me become more healthier. ☺️☺️ . . I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out lol but I enjoyed doing this without the camera filming me this time. This face art was tricky as I had to see how to place everything on a plate on my face. Lol I had a fun time shading everything to make it look 3D. Also I was wanting to do a look based on Keto since so long, samajh nai araha tha kaise translate Karon hehe then I drew it out on paper and finally did it. 🥰💕 I photoshopped my nostrils loll cause they looked weird. ✌🏼 So, it was just my @mehronmakeup paradise palette, my paint brushes and therapeutic music on my phone. ————————— If you haven’t watched my 2 month Keto journey video on YouTube, do watch it now. Link in bio. 😘🥰 . . Makeup deets: @mehronuk paradise AQ palette @ridazayncosmetics brow wand to draw the sketch @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Norvina pro pigment palette vol. 1 @morphebrushes x @jamescharles palette . . #mua #makeupartistry #faceart #sfxmakeup #sfxmakeupartist #keto #ketomeals #mehronmakeup #facepaintcom #norvinavol1 #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #artistsoninstagram

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5. Made up Shaheer

What made you think we would not have a male artist on the list? Shaheer Khan from Multan creates stunning looks using make up, but his eye make-up is definitely the star.

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