Saba Qamar, Bilal Saeed apologize for shooting music video in a mosque

'Qubool hai' stars apologise after an outcry for shooting their music video in Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed are under fire for shooting their recent music video Qubool Hai in a mosque. People have accused them of ‘misusing the mosque’ and harming the reputation and essence of a religious place by ‘dancing around’ and adding music to the parts for the mosque sequence. People have also jumped to quick assumptions that music must have been playing during the sequence was being recorded as playback.

A large number of tweets and statuses have been making rounds all over social media. While the considerable majority has chosen to call them out, a huge number of prominent figures have come out to support the two, and even point out the hypocrisy of the people in this case.

On August 8th, Saba Qamar took to twitter to clarify the matter as much as she could in the following tweets:

However, the outcry was severe enough to cause the singer to step up and post a video. When the apology was not enough for his audiences, he even assured them of removing the Wazir Khan Mosque sequence from the video.

Prominent figures like Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed, followed by Fahad Mustafa were quick to show their support on Twitter.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan was quick to point out that while people are calling out Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed they also need to take notice of how wedding videos, coupled with music, are also shot in mosques.

Along with Iqrar-ul-Hassan there were others who also spoke about how mosques have been a hub for wedding photoshoots, something no one really cares about.

The aforementioned tweet is not from Saba Qamar’s official account, however, it shows a perspective being shared by many.

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Finally, Jami Moor, a filmmaker who has never held back with his words took to Facebook to point out how we have set our priorities.

Musjid mai TV drama ka aik shot shoot hogya aur sub pagal hogaye. Musjid mai mullah buchai Rape kurein pur wo sub ok hai.

Posted by Jami Moor on Sunday, August 9, 2020

A huge majority of Pakistanis are actively calling out Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed, with YouTube videos like these:

There is still a handful number of people who find all this petty:

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