Hina Altaf and Aagha Ali under fire for promoting fat-shaming

The newly married couple made an appearance on Nida Yasir's morning show but a specific clip is making the rounds on social media

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Aagha Ali is facing criticism for making Hina Altaf promise she would never get fat. This revelation was made on Nida Yasir’s Eid show, where the newly-married couple made an appearance and spoke about their married life.

A clip from the show is picking up steam as many are criticizing the couple for promoting fat-shaming. Nida Yasir asks Aagha what he would do if Hina gained weight, to which the couple both reveal that the only thing Aagha asked for in this marriage was that Hina does not get any weight.

Some public figures like Ali Gul Pir were quick to respond with their own witty take on the matter.

Twitter has been quick to call him out too.

Some people have also noted that Nida Yasir’s has a lot of problematic moments where celebrities come and say things which are completely uncalled for, and do not get called out by the host, but encouraged further.

A number of people have defended Aagha Ali by saying things like:

There is still a wide majority that is trying its best to knock some sense into his fans.

Gaining and losing weight is a natural part of life but when it’s posed as though it’s the biggest crime a woman can commit after getting married, it becomes problematic.

Women’s bodies transition throughout life as they go from one phase to another, unearthing their potential. Gaining weight should be the least of any person’s concerns when it comes to a woman, especially a talented name such as Hina Altaf who is who she is not because of her weight, but because of her acting talent.

One would also think Nida Yasir would be smarter than to provoke the hosts to comment on such a sensitive topic.

Appreciate women!

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