Here’s everything we know about Katy Perry’s new album

We're especially excited for the song 'What Makes a Woman'

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: As reported by Rolling Stones in May, Katy Perry had announced her upcoming album set to release on August 14th via Capitol Records. However, the release may see some delays. She recently posted on her social media that the album will now be released on the 28th of August.

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Earlier this year, speaking to Billboard she spoke about how all the songs on the album mean different things, but there are a few songs that stand out for her. “‘What Makes a Woman‘ is one of my favourite songs on the album,” she has told her fans. “It’s a great song about how women are so versatile and adaptable and incredible, and I’m realizing a new layer of that right now as I create life.”

Another track she loves is Cry About It Later. “It’s a great song because it’s kind of … there’s a lot of thoughtful empowering songs on the record, but this one is, you know, sometimes you need to have a couple of drinks to not think about who you’re trying to get over — and think about who you’re trying to get under!” she joked.

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Katy Perry has since then been posting about her album on her social media. The hype must not die down!

Earlier this year the singer released Never Worn White. Through the song, she addressed her fears of getting married. Two months later she announced a new album. While the album has faced some delays, Katy Perry’s baby is due soon in summer as well. She has a lot to look forward to and it all can get a little “jam-packed”. She shared her excitement in a recent post to highlight just that.

We wish her the best of luck for this happening summer!


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