Pakistani celebrities who braved through Covid-19

These celebrities used their platform to educate their followers about the virus after recovering from it

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Being a public figure comes with a lot of pressure and in times like these, it becomes more challenging. If you turn out to be Covid-19 positive, fans are always on their toes to find out if what’s going on in your life, how you’re holding up, whether you are quarantining or not. It does get really difficult to keep up with it and respond to each and every comment coming one’s way. Hats off to those who manage such situations with ease and patience.

Below is a list of Pakistani celebrities who have fortunately recovered from Covid-19 and played a responsible role at the same time. Reflecting on their journeys coping up with the virus, they have tried to educate their audiences and followers about the seriousness of the pandemic and the precautions they should take.

Shehzad Roy

On July 29, Shehzad Roy tweeted that he was recently a patient of Covid-19 himself. The Laga Reh singer reassured his audiences by saying, “Few days ago my family & myself contracted the coronavirus. With Allah’s blessings, we are fine.” He also posted a link to a video advising his audiences to maintain social distancing and ensure a safer Eid.

Another singer and social activist who contracted the virus was Abrar-ul-Haq. Ever since his recovery, he has only tried to raise awareness regarding the virus, as well as other health issues that have stemmed due to the pandemic.

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Sakina Samo
During the early days of June, fake news of the actress’s deteriorating health and subsequent death starting circulating social media. She was quite displeased when she shared the story of how she was constantly spammed with calls by a journalist when she did not want to speak about her health issues. Sakina Samo then informed her audience that she is following strict isolation for two weeks due to Covid-19.

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Rubina Ashraf
Rubina Ashraf is another hugely celebrated Pakistani actress who faced rumours pertaining to her health severely deteriorating at the hands of the coronavirus. Earlier in June, the actress was rumoured to be dead, until her daughter clarified that it was not the case and her mother was recovering well.

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Vasay Chaudhry
The Pakistan comedian, writer and actor of Jawani Phir Nahi Aani fame confirmed this news on Twitter on June 8.

Shafaat Ali
This Pakistani actor and comedian took to Twitter and broke the news about testing positive on June 7.

Since then, this celebrity has used his social media accounts to help raise awareness regarding the virus.

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