What is the ‘Vogue Challenge’ and why is everyone doing it?

More than just a fun trend, the challenge is a response to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry

You may have noticed a new viral challenge on social media. People are posting imagines photos of themselves on the cover of Vogue. 

The trend originated on TikTok before taking off during the Black Lives Matter movement these past few weeks. 

It started in response to a letter Anna Wintour, the long standing editor in chief of Vogue, to employees admitting that the magazine had not given space to Black editors, writers, photographers, designer and other creatives.

According to Teen Vogue, in its 127-year history, only one Black  photographer has shot the cover of Vogue, whereas only 21 Black women have graced the cover solo.

Black artists and creators began posting their imagined versions of what Vogue, considered the most successful fashion magazine in the world, could have looked like had people from community given more opportunities.

Pakistanis have also hopped on the bandwagon, posting their own versions. Here’s hoping for more representation and diversity in the future.

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