Sanam Saeed calls out govt for misinformation, undisclosed costs during quarantine

Says she and fellow travellers are left mentally, physically and financially drained due to ongoing ordeal

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Sanam Saeed and her costars were flown back to Pakistan from Thailand where they were stranded due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, their ordeal didn’t end there. 

The actress took to social media from a hotel in Islamabad where they have been kept in quarantine until they are tested and given the go ahead. 

While Sanam did point out at the protective measures staff were diligently taking, she raised points on some concerning issues. 

According to her, they have been put in windowless rooms without any fresh air. More concerning, they were presented with a bill despite being assured by the embassy that their stay would be free of cost. 

The Ramada Hotel asked them to “pay upfront or be packed off to Hajji Camp”. 

“Travelers already stressed, nervous and financially exhausted after managing 2 weeks of lockdown abroad,” she said. 

Sanam added that while she acknowledges that the government is trying their best to manage the situation, she requests to keep them informed of what to expect. 

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