We can’t stop watching Karan Johar’s videos with his children

His Instagram is less celebrity-driven and more about surviving the lockdown with his children nowadays

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It has been nearly 3 odd years since Karan Johar adopted twin children, who were born through surrogacy, but it is only now that we’re seeing enough of them on social media. Well, we have the quarantine to thank for that, as K.Jo is trapped at home with his kids Yash and Roohi and therefore has been posting adorable videos of the family spending time together.

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Of course, we expected Karan’s children to be just like him: they are honest, sassy and have a lot to say about fashion (or rather how they hate their dad’s extravagant style and pink shoes). Also, these videos have millions of views so clearly we aren’t the only ones trying to keep up with the Johars!

Here are some of our favourite videos of the Johar fam:

When his children said that they were “fed up” of the lockdown

When K.Jo was low key throwing shade at Yash and Roohi’s artistic abilities (or lack of)

When Yash clearly hated his father’s shoes (tbh we get it, Yash)

In fact, he thinks Karan Johar should “NO WEAR GUCCI”

…and should wear “simpler clothes”

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