These hilarious women are providing us much-needed comedic relief

And helping us stay sane in such uncertain times

KARACHI: Everything’s so gloomy these days. The news is full of death tolls and Covid-19 trackers, even conversation with another human revolves around the coronavirus and unfortunately our cat doesn’t reply to us when we speak to him.

In our part of the world, where there’s tragedy, there’s humour. Some call it resilience, some say it’s a sad coping mechanism. Either way, let us have some laughs while we’re down.

Here are some of our favourite comedians who we’re turning to in such uncertain times:

1. Swineryy

Unless you’re been living under a rock, you probably already know and love Swineryy. She is hands down one of the funniest person we know of right now. We said it. Swineryy’s social commentary  through the use of animoji’s is so spot on and devastatingly true, and has us constantly wishing we had thought of the joke first (as if). Props to Swineryy (who keeps her ID anonymous) for making us laugh till we start dry coughing and then being paranoid about having the virus.

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Covid 0:19 #coronavirus PART 2

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the thot pickens

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2. Faiza Saleem

Where would we be without Faiza Saleem? I’ll tell you where: probably crying in the corner. With Faiza our tears are tears of laughter. She, like Swineryy, is a master when it comes to social commentary with a funny touch and is extremely relatable. Netflix special? We think so.

3. Kusha Kapila

Just across the border is this one, who has us laughing out loud while we’re scrolling through Instagram at 3 am when we really should be sleeping. She is best known for her take on rich desi aunties and of course, everyone’s favourite Poo from K3G.

4. Srishti Dixit

We have had a woman crush on Srishti for so long, and she keeps getting funnier! Everyone will know her from Buzzfeed, where she was able to show off and share her hilarity with the world. Now on her own, she’s on a roll. Srishti is not afraid to make fun of herself and we love her for that.


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