Here are some free online courses you can sign up for while in lockdown

Learn how to code, design or more about feminism because we all know the world could need some more of that 

KARACHI: You’re bored at home, you can’t see your friends and can’t go out to eat. Well, at least we hope you are. 

It’s the absolute best time to learn something new! Here are a few online courses you can look into: 

1. Feminism and social justice

What better way to spend your time than a deep dive into gender politics. We’re already enrolling. You should too:

2. Psychology

Have you ever wondered what happiness means, what do our dreams mean? What causes mental illnesses? Why am I feeling the way I’m feeling being locked up inside? Try your hand at this free course at YALE

3. Guitar

Always wanted to pick up an instrument but didn’t have time? WELL now you have all the time. Pick up a guitar, enroll into this course and don’t forget us when you become a rockstar:

4. Astrology

Now that the skies are clearer, stars and planets are more visible to the naked eye. Learn more about the universe through this course:

5. Game development

Are you a gamer? Maybe you could actually make your own game. Check out this free course on game designing.

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