10 fusion foods we’re willing to risk it all for at Karachi Eat 2020

Only those with (strong) guts will be as intrigued as we are by these items

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It’s that time of the year again. It’s the time when Karachi gets to boast about having the best food in the country. That’s right we said it. It’s also for chefs and food connoisseurs to get experimental.

It might not always work but it’s worth the try.

Here’s a list of 10 food stalls we’re willing to risk it for:

1. KhawSaMosa by Burmese Bowls

Okay, we know everyone regrets taking one to many shots but hear us out. An odd combination of aloo samosas, khawsuey and coconut milk, but we’re willing to risk it. It might be amazing.

2. Crepe Sushi by D’OH

It’s not that risky and we know exactly what it’ll taste like but let us be fancy and imagine eating crepes with chopsticks! Choti khushiyan indeed.

3. Donut Burgers by 2 Guys 1 Grill

So this isn’t new but we can’t get enough of these burgers! Definitely need to have them whenever we see them!

4. Waffle Chicken Sandwich by Yoshi

If you’re into fusion, experimental food, you have to try Yoshi. There menu is full of classics with an Asian take. At Karachi Eat, they’re offering a Japanese take on the classic chicken and waffles combo. We’re a little hesitant about the teriyaki sauce but sign us up!

5. Taco Chaat by The Social Hub

These guys are no strangers to experimental cuisine. They have served gol gappa shots and chocolate gol gappas top. So it should ne okay right? We might love it! Right?

6. Naam o Jalebees by Jalebi Express

Yes, they will taste of plain ol jalebees but did you say you’ll spell out name with jalebees? TAKE ALL OUR MONEY!

7. Churro Hot Dog by Churrosity 

That’s literally a hot dog with all the works on a churro. We are intrigued but let’s tread carefully

8. Korean Nuggets With Mac And Cheese by TNT

This is a risky child’s meal but we’re willing to take it on.

9. Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Potato Chips by Chipseez

Maybe we’ll move on from all those horrible, processed, packets of chips we’re addicted to on to a healthier option? Plus, how cute is the name? “What are you eating?” “Oh just some chipseez.”

10. Tikyani by Tikyani

Don’t even lie, you’ve been shipping Biryani with Tikka all your life and now they’re about to call it official and you’re invited to ceremony. Would you miss it? NO. PS: Of course we’ve been having biryani rice and tikka pieces at all the wedding we’re attended but it’s still exciting.

Tell us which one you’re excited to try!

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