7 vegetarian recipes to try out this Eid

This meat-filled Eid may leave a vegetarian void that we're here to fill

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Eid-ul-Adha known as the “Festival of Sacrifice” leads to: lots and lots of meat in the fridge which ends up on the dinner table up until the next week. While some meat-lovers enjoy this, others feel overwhelmed by it which is why we’ve short-listed some vegetarian options to lighten your palette.

1. Chana Masala

Eid morning would be perfect with this warm Chana Masala recipe with paratha/puri.

via Minamalist Baker

View Recipe here:  https://minimalistbaker.com/easy-chana-masala/

2. Aloo Cutlets

Snacks on Eid are what some of us look forward to the most when visiting relatives. This recipe is the ideal snack to serve if you want to stand out!

Via I Knead to Eat

View Recipe here: https://ikneadtoeat.com/aloo-tikki/

3. Aloo Palak

“Eid Mubarak Aloo Palak”

Via Tarla Dalal

View Recipe here: https://www.tarladalal.com/Aloo-Palak-30887r 

4. Crispy Bhindi

Swap the slims with a nutritious, spicy and crispy bhindi snack.


via Hebbar’s Kitchen

View Recipe here: https://hebbarskitchen.com/kurkuri-bhindi-recipe-crispy-okra-fry/

5. Karhi

This wholesome and flavorful option comprises of turmeric that soothes the stomach lining and protects against inflammation to compliment all that heavy meat you’ll be eating!

Via I Knead to Eat

View Recipe here: https://ikneadtoeat.com/panjabi-kardhi-pakora/

6. Smoked Eggplant

This tangy yet flavor-packed dish will refresh your palette and re-energize you after an exhausting day of meet and greets.

Via Tea for Turmeric

View Recipe here: https://www.teaforturmeric.com/2016/12/smoked-eggplant-curry/

7. Torai masala

The perfect summer vegetable, children tend to grit their teeth at this dish but adults always help themselves to this dish out of curiosity and keep going back for more!

Via Tea for Turmeric

View Recipe here: https://www.teaforturmeric.com/2017/09/pakistani-zucchini-courgette-curry-toriyan-torai-ki-sabzi/

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