Twitter erupts at Karachi’s need of precautionary measures to handle rain

From exploding electrical poles to broken and massively flooded roads, residents urge for better infrastructure

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: The past two days of heavy rain have proven to be incredibly burdensome for the city’s landscape. The city has been overly stressed via electricity, sewerage systems, disintegrating roads and garbage mismanagement. 2014 reportedly saw 10 people in Karachi being electrocuted to death whereas these numbers have seemingly increased this year with 11 people being killed due to rain related incidents, according to Dawn. It is evident that precautionary measures be taken to handle the poor management systems that have caused these issues.

Many users have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns over the need for proper drainage systems and safe electrical systems/poles that won’t prove as a threat to pedestrians. Many users also recorded exploding poles and wires catching fire around different parts of Karachi, urging K-Electric to take action on these deeply concerning matters. Others have expressed their frustration over the power shortage that they have been experience in their area of residence, with some stating that they have not had electricity since more than 12 hours.


In an attempt to pacify concerned citizens, K-Electric posted a video detailing the precautionary measures that should be taken to ensure that no one is harmed via open wires or electricity poles on Twitter. They also updated that the electricity in some areas has purposely been switched off to avoid any ‘serious incident.’

Heavy rainfall in Karachi has yet again proven to out-do the city and has illustrated the inter-connectivity of poor infrastructure issues with one another i.e. due to poor drainage and road systems there is flooding and due to poor protection of electrical poles outside peoples homes there are exploding wires and increased chances of electrocution.


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