Trevor Noah takes a jibe at recent India-Pakistan tensions and people are not amused

The Daily Show host is being called out for racist and insensitive segment

KARACHI: Comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah mocked the recent India-Pakistan tensions in a recent episode.

During the segment, the South African comedian said he hopes India and Pakistan don’t go to war, but if they did go to war it would be the most entertaining war of all times. He then went on to mimic the Indian accent while saying, “Time for you to die” followed by a Bollywood-inspired tune of gunfiring and chanting. “It would be the longest of all time. Another dance number?!”

Needless to say, this did not settle well with many viewers, you did not find it funny, rather racist, insensitive and trying to make a mockery out of a situation where two nuclear-armed nations are on the brink of a war.

It has been a tough week for people of both India and Pakistan. On Tuesday, India struck and dropped its payload in Pakistani airspace. The next day, Pakistan struck back and brought down two Indian jets and arrested a pilot of Indian Air Force. It has been a tense atmosphere so much so that all flights were cancelled and Pakistani airspace cleared. In addition, it was feared that a missile attack might rake place overnight.

People, on both sides of the border, took to Twitter and called out Trevor Noah over his racist, insensitive stunt:


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