Shower yourself with love this Valentine’s Day through these 5 steps

The most important relationship you can have is with yourself

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pop culture has so many interpretation for Valentine’s Day; yet we see such little or no representation of self-love. Come to think about it, self-love precedes all relationships. One should know how to take care of themselves first. Period.

Here’s a reminder from us on how to prioritise yourself and your needs first. And of course, how to be peaceful and feel better through the exercise too:

1. De-clutter your work and personal space

Having a chaos around yourself whether they are just items lying around on your workstation or that chair in your room that’s holding on to all the clothes you have. Clear it up. You will instantly welcome the space around you and feel accomplished at the end of it too.

2. Be comfortable in your own company

There’s so much pressure on young people to find someone or avoid the status of being single. What’s the big deal, really? You have got yourself and trust us, no one knows how to give you a better time then your own self *give yourself a pat on the back*


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3. Eat well (read: healthy)

Yep, the more the better. But here we are actually stressing on quality over quantity. Drink loads of water. Eat your greens and the sad vegetables your mom makes for you. Okay, once in a while you can do this.

4. More creative time-spending with friends

Yes, we all endlessly plan doing things that no one ends up doing. A gathering of friends is great even if just hanging out talking over coffee. But once in a while, jazz it up maybe. Play cards, video games or hey, rugby!

5. Treat yourself

Sure, you are not meeting your special someone but you can step out of the house and buy that dress you had been eyeing for the past one week. Or better, get ice cream and pamper yourself.

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