Saif Ali Khan asks for relationship ‘advice’, gets schooled by wife Kareena Kapoor

Bebo was not in the mood for a passive aggressive 'Saifu'

By Cutacut Editorial Team

Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor was slightly amused when her husband Saif Ali Khan called on her show, asking for a relationship advice for new parents that are struggling with romance in their relationship.

Kapoor hosts a radio show in which she has a segment called “Bebology”, where she answers questions from listeners as if they were in her classroom. Khan called wife Kareena on the show and prefaced his question by saying,”You know how it’s like… once you’ve had a baby, people say that relationships and things change, and wives get like really into the child and the relationship changes slightly or you know she’s busy and doesn’t have much time.”

“Is there any way – this is my question – that a husband can get more attention or make his wife happier post baby? Are there any tips you can give us in this direction?” the Sacred Games actor asked, according to NDTV.

Adding a personal touch to what seemed like a playful husband-wife banter, he said, “All the best, see you at home!”

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Kareena, who has been married to the Love Aaj Kal actor for seven years, picked up on the passive aggressive hint, and retorted, “Really? Very cheeky of you Saifu to be asking this on national radio but either way, I think I should answer it.”

“I think a husband should just be there for the wife. Baby means bahut saari extra responsibilities and wo share karne se wife bahut khush ho jayegi. (Baby means a lot of extra responsibilities and if the husband shares those, it would make the wife a lot happier)… I’m sure,” she said.

She went on to add: “As for attention, plan a nice date for her… kahin romantic location pe (somewhere romantic)… you know… without the baby and then see the magic… haan?”

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Mother to the two-year-old toddler Taimur Ali Khan, the Veere Di Wedding star further said, “Aur agar wife bole ki usau baby ke saath time spend karna hai, toh bura mat mano (and if your wife says she wants to spend time with the baby, don’t get upset).”

“It doesn’t mean she loves you any less. It just means thode time ke liye uska perspective change ho gaya hai. (It just means she has a different perspective for the time-being).”

“Anyway, hoping for a nice romantic date from you soon, Saifu. The class is now dismissed,” she added, after dropping a lot of hints everywhere for Taimur’s dad.

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There’s not a lot on the couple’s plate, work-wise. Khan is currently working on the upcoming season of Netflix’s Sacred Games while Kareena Kapoor will next be seen in Good News opposite Akshay Kumar later this year. Looks like the two can use a date night!

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