M&S has introduced a ‘vegetarian biryani wrap’ and WTF?!

Some angered desis have gone as far to accuse the brand of cultural appropriation

By Shaheera Anwar

KARACHI: International brand Marks and Spencer recently launched a “vegetarian Biryani wrap”, and desis across the globe are losing their minds. The $2.73 biryani wrap is part of M&S supermarket’s Plant Kitchen range, and is made out of sweet potato, spicy basmati rice, buckwheat and roasted red pepper. Biryani originally includes rice, meat with a whole lot of spices and sometimes potato. The traditional food dish has a lot of variations of its own, however, the main ingredient in all of them is rice.

Author of the cookbook Indian Kitchen was among the first ones to call out the in authenticity of the dish. She wrote, “Thanks but I like my biryani with rice in a bowl not a wrap. Seriously M&S!?”

Other desis followed, accusing M&S of cultural appropriation.


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